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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The Company Quality / Procedures Manual defines the organisation and operational requirements of the Quality of Entech Engineering Ltd. The Company requires it’s quality management system to be maintained, and that within the system all persons in the organisation shall endeavour to ensure that the Company’s products are:-

A. fit for the purpose for which they are designed

B. manufactured correctly and are reliable in their performance

The company takes pride in the quality of its products and these are attained by ensuring that all the procedures through the functions of purchasing, manufacturing and inspection are properly controlled and monitored ; and by aiming to achieve a product that meets the specified requirements in an efficient and economic sequence of activities and processes that are RIGHT FIRST TIME.

The understanding implementation and maintenance of the Companies quality policy and objectives are required of all persons throughout out the organisation.

Everyone within the firm is responsible for the quality of the work they perform; to all personnel is delegated both the defined responsibility and the authority to identify and evaluate quality problems and to initiate, recommend and provide effective solutions in relation to the processes or products they control.

To the appointed Inspector is delegated the authority and responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of the quality manual and Company procedures are implemented and maintained throughout the Company.


D . G Moreton
Managing Director